We’re changing things up a bit starting this week! Rather than always posting game design analysis and the like, I want to include my other passion as well: fiction. I’ll be alternating back and forth each post; since this is a fiction piece, the post in two weeks will be design analysis again, and so on. With the explanation taken care of, have a bit of a non-traditional piece!

Walk into the office. Sit down. Glance briefly across the walls at the paintings of landscapes or buildings or people. Never let your eyes linger for long. Bounce your leg. Stare out the window. The blinds are closed, stare at the blinds instead. Don’t bounce your leg, they’ll never hire you if your leg is bouncing. Check your watch. 9:54. Look at the paintings again. That one is a dog, look at how detailed the fur is. Realize it’s a photo of a dog. Mentally berate yourself for thinking a photo is a painting. Stop bouncing your leg. Check your email on your phone, do you have the time for the interview right? The interview is at 10:15, you are very early. Always be early, that way you’ll never be late. Listen to that one song in your head. Check your watch. 9:57. Let that one line from that one song play in your head six hundred times because you suddenly forgot the rest of the song. Your leg is bouncing, cross your legs to stop it. Take a moment to consider that they will never hire you for being a wreck like this. Breathe, that’s important. Always keep breathing, you’ll die if you don’t. The receptionist is staring, think about what she’ll tell them about you after the interview. Check your watch. 9:59. Look out the window again. Right, the blinds are closed, admire the craftsmanship of the blinds. Adjust your tie. Too far, loosen your tie. Keep breathing. Stare off into space. Think about the eggs you had for breakfast this morning—alone, your wife was at work early today. Damn it, your leg is bouncing, stop. Check your watch. 10:05. Almost. The doorknob is moving, watch it. Try to meet the eyes of the interviewer as he walks into the room. Match his smile. Shake his hand. Introduce yourself. Stop bouncing your leg. It’ll be fine.

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