Past to Present

Said the Past to the Present
“Do you know where you’ve been?
All the roads that you walked
Just to stand where you stand?”

“I recall,” said the Present
“Days long gone, dreams that fade
Journeys I could have had
Places I could have stayed.”

With a frown asked the Past
“Are there things you’d have changed?
If you knew what was coming
Would you have done the same?”

The Present looked back
With the ghost of a grin
“Though I have my regrets
I’d not change where I’ve been.”

“Are you quite sure?”
The Past stepped back in fear
“But you carry so little
Of what I hold dear!”

“Fear not,” said the Present
Warmth and pain in his eyes
“I’ve found purpose through loss
Which you’ll soon recognize.”

The Past glanced up
“You do seem pretty strong.”
The Present said
“It’s been within all along.”

The Past shook its head
“That’s cliché as it gets
Has time really made me
Such a Hallmark reject?”

The Present chuckled and sighed
“I just call what I see.
But now I have a question,
Something’s bothering me.”

The Past was confused
“What could I tell you?
You once were me,
You know all that I do.”

Said the Present to the Past
“I see no Future here.
Have I missed something dire
That he would not appear?”

The Past met the Present
With a knowing smile
“You’ll meet the Future
When you share this place with me.”

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