Courier X and the Worst Stop Ever

The diorama table, one of the game’s central mechanics.

Courier X and the Worst Stop Ever is a first-person puzzle game created as part of a capstone to my game design degree program. The player takes the role of a nameless courier delivering a package to a wizard’s home. The package drop, however, is hidden past a maze of rooms which can be moved around by placing dioramas in different positions on an enchanted table.

I was brought on to the project partway through, as my primary team’s project didn’t require much of me and the team working on Courier X needed a level designer. As such, this made up my primary role. In the game’s final iteration, each of the four rooms is based primarily on designs I drew—a slideshow of which can be found below, including layouts for a room which didn’t make the final cut. Aside from level design, I created a couple of particle effects for the game using Unity’s particle systems, both for the summoning circle seen in the featured image and the dioramas themselves.

  • As the game's starting location, it was crucial that the environment frame the first objective in the camera's view—hence the trees on three sides of the player.

Credits and Links

Johnny Belluomini – Art/3D Modelling/Menu Art/Environment Design

Chris Bokowy – SFX/Sound Design/Mixing

Joshua Duffy – Art/3D Modelling/Title Card

Melina Espinosa – Art/3D Modelling

Matthew Herrick – Art/3D Modelling/Environment Design

Alex Riak – Music/Composition

Matthew Zolfo – Production/Gameplay Scripting/Level/Puzzle Design

Courier X and the Worst Stop Ever is available for download at the itch page linked below.

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